Dar411 Mobile was formed as a mobile communication sector, part of Dar411, interactive to the website Dar411.com as well as independent in various other services/products it provides and offers. It started its operations beginning 2008 after the website [www.dar411.com] began in late 2005.

411 Directory

enables the user to retrieve desired information as well as upload information on various products and service onto the portal for public viewership.

To view the WAP portal and load your information onto the portal if desired click www.411.co.tz

Dar411 Mobile to officially launch a new service in the making called SEMA, 1st February 2011.

A portal that enables back and forth mass-communication to unlimited amounts of people within the SEMA users groups. SEMA can also be linked to other network services like facebook and twitter so all communication is controlled in 1 portal – SEMA, via portal online or a mobile phone.